Create and send SMS text messages to groups from the online panel or from an authorised phone. We also have an integrated Newsletter service which allows clubs to keep their members up to date

SMS Services

Our SMS services allow you to access your members on the move. Our easy-to-use interface will enable you to send regular news updates to members who opt-in when signing up for

Benefits and Features

  • Check online lotto winners by SMS as soon as draw takes place
  • Notify lotto players of draw results direct to their mobile for FREE
  • Send SMS Alerts to groups, committee members or teams directly from your mobile
  • Full delivery / non-delivery reports


  • No setup fee for existing members
  • SMS Credits: 500 @ €0.055 per SMS. Price ex-VAT: €27.50 (VAT @ 23.00%: €6.33)
    Total Price: €33.83

Newsletter / Email

We have built into your admin panel a free email system to enable you to communicate with your members effectively.  This helps to make current / past  members feel included in whats going on at the club, which makes them more likely to support you financially.  In a recent survey with members of sporting organisations compiled by 33% of the respondents told us that they are no longer supporting their local sports club! We asked why? and they told us….

I’m not supporting them because

  1. I don’t know what is going on in the club of NGB anymore
  2. The Club or NGB only talks to me when they are looking for money
  3. I don’t know what they are doing with the money
  4. I can’t afford it right now

By communicating with your members regularly you can overcome allot of the issues above.