General FAQs

If you are on auto-renew, simply login to your online account and go to "My Lotto Entries". Once here you can cancel your ticket. If you are not on auto-renew, your ticket will expire automatically at the end of its current play.
Membership to a club cannot be cancelled online. Please call/email your local club registrar.
This could be due to the number of children registered and also it's worth bearing in mind that each parent who registers his/her child(ren) is an additional standalone registrant on the plan.
To register your club online, simply go to: www.MyClubFinanes.com, and click on "Register". Once payment is received, we will forward you an information sheet looking for further details on your club. Here we collect basic information on your club to allow for set-up. Alternatively you can arrange a demo in advance of signing up so you'll be able to learn exactly how the system might benefit your club. To request a demo just call 091506048 or email info@myclubfinances.com
Before you start selling tickets for a lottery, a licence will need to be granted by your local district court. This lotto license needs to be renewed on a yearly basis. This usually takes between 4 - 6 weeks and while waiting for the license we strongly advise you contact MyClubFinances.com to discuss how you want to configure the lottery i.e. jackpot amounts, how many numbers, lucky dips, promotional strategies etc. We have worked with hundreds of clubs and have years of experience in getting clubs not only started with a lottery, but thriving with it.
Registration Fee of €195.00 + Annual Training of €200.00 less 10% Discount of €39.50 = €355.50 + VAT on Discounted Registration Fee = €40.50. Total: €396 There is a six month money back guarantee on this investment. Other than that you will only be liable for the annual fee every 12 months and transaction fees of 10% on lottery tickets and 3.9% + €0.37cent on everything else (memberships, fundraising events etc.). These transaction fees are all-inclusive and cover everything from credit card fees to merchant account fees to bank fees to the cost of processing refunds. We pride ourselves on never hiding any fees from the clubs that work with us.
At this stage, we can handle most if not all lotto set-ups; 1-24, 1-28, 1-32 etc. Bonus Balls, Match 3's, Match 4's, Match 5's, Match 3/4/5 & Bonus, Lucky Dips etc. Call us and try us!
The membership module allows members to register and pay their club membership online via your own club website (or even Facebook). Before the start of your membership season, we would build all your plans/prices/questions etc. online. Payment can be made once off or over set periods, and discounts can be incorporated also. Your registrar can sit back and run the whole membership from his/her admin panel. Send invoices, check on sales, run numerous reports etc. No more paper forms or cash lying around.
No, once you have paid the set-up fee you can use as many of our services as you like.
You can only change your numbers when you purchase a new ticket.
You are receiving an email because your local GAA/FAI/RFC/Hockey/Squash/Gym or another club or organization that you are affiliated with is providing club-related information to you on lotto/upcoming fixtures and general club related news.
No - Credit/debit card information is not stored on the MyClubFinances.com system . Our payments processing partner Realex encrypts sensitive card information and are certified to the most stringent PCI standards.
Yes. We work with numerouse clubs online who run their lotto100% through our system. If anything it's easier to run exclusively online. There is no time spent on checking tickets, counting cash etc. All you need to do is enter the winnng numbers drawn on the night and you're done! To replace paper tickets your sellers can avail of our mobile lotto service if they wish. This means they are not limited to €2 or 3 for €5 sales. They can sell all the way up to yearly tickets! All confirmations are sent to the player via text. No more losing ticket stubs! And no more chance of being ripped off by bogus winner claims as every ticket will have a clear audit trail on the system.
Yes. Technically its just like having an extra seller. However this seller (online) is open 24/7 and 365 days a year. It can accept sales from all over the world via both PC & mobile.
The member has his/her own online account and can log into this account and click on the "Update card details" menu item in order to process any arrears.
To contact us simply call our Galway office on +353 (91) 506048 or email us at info@myclubfinances.com. We pride ourselves on our speed response rate and helpful support staff - you will never be cast aside to some frustrating ticket queue. We are real people operating in real-time striving to help our clubs with any issues as swiftly as possible.
Absolutely not, MyClubFinances.com all-inclusive transaction fee covers all fees including the fees associated with using a merchant account. You don't have to worry about setting one up or paying fees on it as we take care of all of that for you. Many sports clubs are paying costly monthly fees for the use of merchant accounts even during those months when they are not taking in transactions so avoid these unnecessary fees by choosing to work with MyClubFinances.com