Club Lotto

Fully managed fundraising lotto system.  All sales, communications and management of your existing and new fundraising lotto can be run through your own web site. is Ireland’s longest serving and most successful online lottery system for sports clubs.

Favoured by hundreds of clubs across various sports since 2008, is an easy-to-use club lotto system where club administrators can easily manage the weekly club lotto and members can play from anywhere, hassle-free through our website or mobile lotto app.

How Works

This custom system sends out automated results e-mails and SMS messages to players reminding them to play.

Through the draws system, your supporters will be able to register themselves for any draw that your club or organisation is running. They simply log on to your website, to which we that linked the system, and choose the number of draws they want to enter, fill in the details that you require and pay securely by credit or debit card and complete the registration.

The club get these details through the lotto administration dashboard and each member then also has their own member portal to check all details on their own draw details.

Lotto App

We also have a brand new lotto app which enables your lotto sellers to sell lotto tickets from their smart phones or tablets. Each ticket is sold exactly as you would do in the traditional way except the phone is your ticket book and the person purchasing the ticket receives their ticket via SMS. This can save a club thousands of euro a year in printing costs. All sellers are monitored in real-time from your online admin panel.

Benefits and Features

For the member:

  • Supporters register themselves at a time that suits them for your fundraisers
  • Number of payment options available
  • Each member then has their own online account and they can buy again or set up an automatic renewal.

For the Club: 

  • Regular, reliable fundraising channel for the club
  • Club has access to the Lotto Dashboard to check or search the draw entries
  • Print out the tickets if required
  • Create any number of draw types
  • Full accounts reporting section
  • Offer fully-managed promotions, 3 for 2 etc
  • Low transaction fee for each draw ticket