Meet the MCF Team
Mary Healy
Systems Optimization & Support
Scientists have not yet discovered an occurrence of Mary being in a bad mood. Just like the Loch Ness monster and UFOs it is rumoured such a thing exists but it has not yet been witnessed (rumours persist that if she goes a long time without coffee she may grumble). Mary is our very own Irish Rugby star and clubs love dealing with her - however with the World Cup on the horizon on our shores in 2017 you may have to do without her for a few weeks as she will be busy trying to flatten some English and Kiwi ladies, I'm sure you understand.
Nathan Fulham
Marketing, Communications & Support
Nathan is our social media guru (even though he hates that word) and offers a helping hand to clubs that want to promote their online services to a wider audience using sneaky little marketing tricks (what the cool people call "growth hacks"). He likes to wear woolly jumpers in hot weather and wear Connacht rugby gear when they win (even though he was reared in Limerick). Oh and he asked us to mention that he is by far the best speller in the MCF offices as well as owner of the most clickety shoes.
Conall Keady
Systems Optimization & Support
Conall is a fluent Irish speaker and former actor so in parts of the Gaeltacht he is A-list material and quickly swooped upon. He has been in MCF-land for quite a while and most of the clubs and organizations will have dealt with him at some time or another as he would have offered advice, feedback, support or even massage therapy (whatever it takes - he really goes the extra mile!).