Memberships Membership Management System

Through our membership system, your members will be able to register themselves for membership to your club or organisation, pay registration securely and renew their membership when it falls due.

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How does it work?

Registration for members is simple:

  1. Members follow a link from your club website and choose the membership type that suits them
  2. Fill in the registration form with the details your club specifies
  3. Choose a payment type (cheque, credit /debit card or cash) and complete the registration.

Club Officers receive these details through the membership administration panel, approve the registration and accept payment.

Benefits and Features of Managing Memberships Online

For the club member:

  • Convenience: Club members register themselves from anywhere at a time that suits them
  • Secure payment processing: Number of payment options available
  • Member Portal: Each member then has their own online account to check or renew their status

For the Club:

  • Membership Management: Admin Panel access to check, authorise or search the membership
  • Less Paperwork: Save admin time! (Option to print pre-populated forms for signature if required)
  • Customisable: Create any number of memberships types to suit your club
  • Reporting: Full accounts reporting section for treasurer and officers
  • Centralised Records: Create full member database
  • Low Cost: Low transaction fee for each member registration

Find Out More

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