Please see a review of testimonials from club officers using our system – the author of the testimonial is written below each piece of content.



“We nearly have all our members registered, probably our best year ever in this regard. Thanks for your continued support, the response times and helpfulness from Conall and Mary and all in MCF is top class. It’s a pleasure doing business with you.”

Craig Bolton, Treasurer Portmarnock AFC, October 2016



“This is the first time that Knocknacarra A.F.C. based in Galway City decided to look at alternative options for registering of our club members & collection of registration money instead of handling cash as we have done for many years since our club was founded. Due to references received we decided to contact MyClubFinances.com where we received a workshop overview of the website from one of the helpful people at MyClubFinances.com. We were immediately sold on this as we couldn’t believe how seamless the database was to use & gather all the relevant information that our club require when running our sports club.

This was indeed one of the best decisions we ever made & since we started using MyClubFinances.com to enable our supporters pay for club membership on line from a link on our club website www.knocknacarrafc.com we have had enormous payback in terms of both time saved for our registration secretary, time saved for members / parents when registering, Information is correctly gathered so no room for administration error & our members can even print off their completed registration forms from the website upon registration so we can register them with the local football association for competitive football without half the time required during previous seasons for registering our club members.

We also have other ideas to use MyClubFinances.com as an income generator for the club when carrying out future fundraisers over the course of the season. To have moved seamlessly from a club dealing 100% in cash to 100% online payments in a few months is amazing. However this could not have been possible without MyClubFinances.com who have been excellent to deal with. We believe that MyClubFinances.com is definitely the future for clubs in Ireland as well as abroad and we would highly recommend MyClubFinances.com for their backup support, advice & found an overall ease to running our club which takes away a lot of needless wasted time & energy we all encounter when running our clubs.”

Alan Byrnes, Knocknacarra FC,  October 2016




“To have moved seamlessly from a club dealing 100% in cash to 100% online payments in one summer is no small feat. It could not have been possible without MyClubFinances who have been brilliant to deal with and have helped us to ensure the club is in a healthy position going forward into the future. My advice to other volunteer based clubs would be to give them a call.”

Graham Campbell, Chairman Drogheda Boys FC, September 2016




“I meant to also drop you an email to say how delighted we are with the online payment system. It has totally transformed the operation of our club and simplified the collection  of membership fees.”

Richard Fowler, Riverstown FC, Treasurer, May 2016




“To whom it concerns,

I am the Treasurer (10 years) and Registrar (8 years) for Kilmainhamwood GFC, Co. Meath. I have been using the MyClubFinances system for many years now and I’ve found it to be a wonderful system for online lotto, ticketed events and membership. Our reach has gone global and our revenue has increased exponentially year on year.

Recently I worked with the MCF Team on the integration with the ServaSport system, the GAA Management System. As usual with MCF, they delivered a system that is easy to use and very functional, especially when it comes to GAA member registration.

GAA member registration is a manual, arduous, complex process and very prone to human error. I ask all our members to complete a physical form and I transcribe the details to an Excel spreadsheet. During the process of registration on the ServaSport system I Copy & Paste those details from Excel to ServaSport. However, I am only human and I’ve made many mistakes with Names, Addresses and Dates of Birth … which are the most important details.

With the new MCF / ServaSport functionality I was able to consolidate and correct many of the anomalies that existed in my manual procedures. A simple export from ServaSport and import into MCF highlighted many more anomalies than I could ever have realised.

I plan to use the new MCF / ServaSport integration going forward to cleanse the Kilmainhamwood GFC data and ensure that we are compliant with the requirements of the GAA to ensure that all our players and members are insured under the GAA insurance schemes.

So conclude, I think that the MCF system is a robust and functional system and I’ve recommended it to many neighbouring (rivalling) clubs. The MCF Team are always available to help their clients and I’ve no problems recommending them to any club.”

Shane Russell, Kilmainhamwood GFC Treasurer & Registrar, April 2016




“I unreservedly recommend the MyClubFinances system for a number of reasons:

· Money/Membership subs come in a lot faster
· Paying online is much easier for parents as it is quick, easy & painless and can be done anytime
· The Newsletter function of the system is must-have for notifying parents about fundraising activities, club events and great club occasions such as finals or promotion games etc. All your members (& ex-members if you want) can by circulated in less than 5 minutes and everyone receives the emails at the same time. You are not dependant on coaches to hand out notes or on kids bringing these notes home
· Our fundraising has improved dramatically since we got in the MCF system. Eg you can email your database each week for 3 weeks leading up to a fundraising event
· The reports function on the system is excellent and completely transparent. Gone are the days of asking coaches to collect money and worse again having to chase the coaches for it
· MCF’s back office support in Galway is very helpful & professional
· The system greatly eases the admin burden of your secretary, treasurer, committee & coaches

I can’t say enough about this system. It’s a no-brainer for any progressive club. We couldn’t manage without it now at Avondale Utd and almost 90% of our schoolboy members paid online this season, in just our second season with MCF. 1000+ Clubs in Ireland can’t be wrong.”

David Madden, Hon. Treasurer, Avondale United. October 2014




“At Barna GAA we use MyClubFinances.com extensively for memberships, online lotto, and merchandise sales. Since taking over the role of Registration Officer 3 years ago, I am happy to say that every one of our 650+ members now uses the system for registering and paying their fees. It is such an easy system to use. I have been so impressed with the level of support and responsiveness from Warren and Conall. The reporting functionality is top class. In a matter of minutes I can download and sort the data, and send a report to all the coaches in the club so they can ensure all players are registered on time. This means that funds are in early. We also use the system for communicating with all members through the monthly Newsletter, and with updates on matches, club events, etc. We are now looking at implementing Mobile Lotto to enhance our lotto fund-raising. I believe every club in the country and beyond should be online with MyClubFinances.com”

Tim McSweeney, Registration Officer, Barna GAA. July 2014




“Shannon RFC use MyClubFinances.com to enable our supporters pay for club membership and lotto when they are on our club website. Our website Shannonrfc.com is now an income generator for the club. In the coming year we will add more of the services provided by www.MyClubFinances.com . It is the future for clubs in Ireland and abroad and i would recommend MyClubFinances for their backup support, advise and availability.”

John Leahy – Shannon Rugby Club April 2012




“…In the first year we have collected more revenue faster then ever before. We put this down completely to our use of the MyClubFinances.com system to communicate with our members and collect funds”.

Denis O’Connor – Avoca Hockey Club




“The MyClubFinances.com system has been a tremendous asset in raising funds for the Kerry GAA teams. As a result of the MyClubFinances.com system we are now raising funds from Kerry GAA supporters all over the world in a convenient easy to use manner. Because of the international reach, We no longer need to rely exclusively on our loyal local support only.  Now our loyal national and international supporters can participate in the development of the GAA in Kerry.  Setting up and running the local lotto is very simple and a very user friendly system to use.  I must say i got far more than I expected from Warren Healy and his team in way of back up.  I was trained up to date, set up and generally run the Kerry part of the site.  This involved numerous phone calls and all at night of at the weekend. I work full time and this back up was invaluable.”

Maureen O’Shea, PRO, Kerry County Committee.